Statement of faith

We believe that God reconciles man to Himself through the death and resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ.

The main tenents(beliefs) are listed below along with a more detailed explanation of that tenent.

What is a tenet?

The word Tenet comes from the Latin word ‘tenere’ which means ‘to hold’. So the Tenets of Apostolic Church are the Biblical truths which we ‘hold on’ to and safeguard. In a world of shifting morals and beliefs, we need anchor points to ‘hold’ us in the truth.

When you read Paul’s letters known as Epistles in the Bible, every time he wrote at some point he had to deal with bad or false teaching (heresy) and the same is relevant today. Many may lead the church astray either through ignorance or deliberate distortion of Scripture. Thus we need to ‘hold on’ to what the Bible tells us.

We accept the teachings of the Bible in its entirety, the Tenets do not seek to replace the Bible, but in eleven short statements seek to summarise the main truths. If you were to stop for a moment and think about it, that is a huge task.


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